Monday, 26 October 2009

Paris von Gütersloh

One of Schiele's most stunning portraits is that of fellow painter Paris von Gütersloh.

To some, the symbolism can appear somewhat unsubtle. Von Gütersloh's portraint screams out his identity: in the hands which he holds up as the tools of his trade, and the vibrant colours which surround him.

But this is a Schiele painting. The hands bear Schiele's signature touches (pained, crooked, tormented, tortured, torturing) and the colours are not just any old paint, but burning yellow that surrounds him like a midday sun, rivaling Van Gogh's own yellow obsession.

Even Schiele can take these simple signifiers of paint and hands and transform them.

US film-maker Roy Allen has recently put together a short film on what might have happened on the day of the portrait. Watch below.

The Portrait from Roy Allen on Vimeo.

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