Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Notes From The Underground

A new literary magazine, entitled Notes From The Underground, is hitting the streets of UK cities and is well worth a look.

Coincidentally, of course, the current edition also features a facile little tale about the beginning of the world, syntax and emoticons (by me). It is as follows:

The Word
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was inaudible because there was lots of other things going on at the Beginning of Time and no-one, not even God or the People who had not yet been created (because Soil had not yet been created to make them out of… or Monkeys for that matter… or any Matter at all… apart from Dark Matter…but that doesn’t matter) could hear it. And no-one could hear the Word even though that Word had a capital letter at the front. Everything had a Capital Letter at the front back then, even God. But there were no emoticons. They were made on the third day. :-(

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