Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Telegraph strokes spine scandal

The scandal around the dust-cover design of The Pornographer of Vienna has reached the heady heights of The Daily Telegraph’s comment column. I hereby bid farewell to my reputation.

Spine tingler

Author Lewis Crofts is incensing browsers with his new work, The Pornographer of Vienna. The fictionalised account of the life of the Austrian expressionist painter Egon Schiele has reproduced a painting of the artist's wife on the cover, with the lady's knickerless regions positioned neatly across the spine.

"Disgusting!" complains one on Waterstones' website. "I would not want my children to see that."

"It's not grotesque - it's art," Crofts tells me. "Children can wander into galleries and see even more explicit pieces. Frankly, it could be a lot worse: I could have chosen a completely undressed piece."

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Anonymous said...

To Disgusted on Waterstones' website: no child would recognise the swirling lines visible on the book's spine as a woman's vulva. Taken out of context of the rest of the woman's body, it means nothing. Mary Whitehouse, where are you, now that we need your voice of sanity.

Excellent book, b y the way.

03 August 2007 12:29  
Anonymous said...

To 'Disgusted' on the Waterstones' site: taken out of context of the rest of the woman's body, to most adults, let alone children, the swirling lines visible on the spine would not be recognisable as a vulva. Please, Mary Whitehouse, where is your voice of sanity, now it's so needed?

03 August 2007 12:35  
Lewis Crofts said...

Couldn't agree more. I mean, come on... it's not as if the book has been designed by the august yet undoubtedly bold designers of Razzle.

05 September 2007 07:20  

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